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Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall.   A  Canadian Airboat offers all season transportation, spill containment, oil spill clean up, emergency airboat services, flood and public assistance, Search & Rescue, game management, flood and public assistance, salvage, law enforcement, hunting, recreation or commercial applications.

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Search & Rescue

Customize Your Airboat

Make your Airboat a Work of Art



Canadian Airboats – 19 x 8′

Our advanced hull designs and cages are engineered to handle the tough conditions of a cold winter climate. We powder-coat our cages, engine stands and pilot seat stands which will last longer than regular paint, with fewer rusting problems or corrosion, making your airboat last longer and require less maintenance.

Build Your Own Airboat

Surpercharge your old airboat with an LSA engine – 230 lbs lighter too!

Airboat Safety Training








Our airboats are Department of Transport Canada approved as we comply by using TP 1332 flotation, setting the Canadian safety standards of the airboat industry in Canada.  Our airboats are used in industry as safety is paramount in keeping employees as safe as possible.

Dock salvage, anchor drop and more. Call for a quote.


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