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globeWe are Worldwide and offer on Quality Airboat Parts and Accessories Hulls, Engines, Wind Machines, H.E.I. Ignition, Fuel Injection, Aluminum Radiators, Propellers,Reduction Drives, U.H.M.W. Polymer Bottom, Sealed Electrical Instrumentation, Custom Grass Rakes, Aluminum Rudders.

Summer, fall, winter, or spring, A Canadian Airboat offers all season transportation. Airboats can be used for oil spill containment and clean up, environmental clean-up, MOE invasive fish kill project, swat airboat services, flood and public assistance, Search & Rescue, wind machines, game management, salvage, law enforcement, movie industry, hunting, recreation or commercial applications.

Our advanced hull designs and cages are engineered to handle the tough conditions of a cold winter climate. We powder-coat our cages, engine stands and pilot seat stands which will last longer than regular paint, with fewer rusting problems or corrosion, making your airboat last longer and require less maintenance.

Supercharged LSA All Aluminum Marine Engines and high performance airboat engines meet emission standards, with counter rotator drives and propellers, UHMW Polymer, TP1332 Flotation, electronic throttle control, remote control and wind machines for movie special effects and other uses. We also provide airboat insurance, kit airboats, airboat kit plans, and high performance airboat rentals.

lsa supercharged

LSA Super-charged Airboat

All our hulls are welded aluminum for your safety complete with extra reinforcing as our standard. We also have rental Airboats, oil spill containment Airboats and demo Airboats as well as kit boats, or complete ” turn the key ” finished Airboats, and Airboat builders package.

Order your AIRBOAT PLANS from us.

We also offer Airboat Training Programs