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Want to Build Your Own Airboat?  Order the Plans!

An information package is a great gift for a friend. Building or buying, it results in end user savings and cuts freight costs by building in your own country or region. If you are planning to build or purchase your own Airboat, and/or trailer, the Builders Info Pack will save you time and money.

Available Plans

1. Hard Copy Hull Plans – Solid Works detail of the Wide Body aluminum hull    


2. Hard Copy Engine Stand Plans  – c/w Solid Works drawing of a full detail Airboat engine stand


3. Hard Copy Cage Plans  – Solid Works drawing of a full detail Airboat Cage     


4. Hull Welding Procedure Supplement – a welder’s time saver!     


5. Assorted Airboats Construction – CD of fabrication photographs     


6. 330 HP – 556 HP Wind Machines/ Airboat – Flotation photos on CD     


WE NORMALLY SEND OUT YOUR ORDER THE SAME DAY UPON RECEIPT OF CERTIFIED CHEQUE OR MONEY ORDER.  Please be patient and allow time for shipping.  Overseas shipment may take 2 – 3 weeks.

Shipping and Handling in Canada via First class Post in Canada     add $40.00

Shipping overseas via First class Mail     add $95.00

Please Note: If you pay by wire transfer, your order will be processed faster, but you must prepay the wire transfer fees. Charges are in addition to the Info Packages costs. Ask your Courier agent

Important: Fax or email a completed copy of this form with payment. Be sure to Fill it out clearly: Name, Address and Phone Number.

Your order information:

postal/zip code  

To Ensure Delivery PRINT CLEARLY: All information packages must contain this “Order Form” and Certified Cheque or Money Order. Canadian Airboat Information Packs go out WORLD WIDE and therefore different costs apply.

Canadian Residents send Canadian Funds plus 5% GST, and in B.C. add 7% PST.  Or as applicable in your province. No tax applicable outside of Canada
To determine your Info Pack costs see above.