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Airboat Refurbishing

Does Your Airboat Need An Overhaul?

We offer a special refurbishing package deal that includes any combination of the following services: * Wash, chemically restore and clean up your aluminum hull to like new bright condition.

    • Inspect and repair all welds, Mig or Tig welding.
    • Straighten the bottom between the T-Bars.
    • Repolymer with new 3/8 inch UHMW Polymer.
    • Polymer up the side walls of your airboat. * Add gussets and stiffeners and double plate where needed.
    • Add lifting lugs and widen the gunnel to 5 inches and install 3M safety walk.
    • Turn your recreational airboat into a reinforced Ice Boat.
    • Mechanical improvements like Marine starter and 105 amp marine alternator.
    • Convert your electrical system into our advanced Instrumentation (Search and Rescue Quality).
    • Add radiator screen and prop guard.
    • Balance and restore your old prop.
    • Add additional engine support.
    • Replace rudder bushings, Arguto bearings (steering) and Hiem ends.

Have Canadian Airboats upgrade your airboat to like new condition, treat yourself or your company to a fresh start. We can advise you and discuss many more improvements. Solve problems before you have them!

Call for booking: 1-888-AIRBOAT (247-2628) Toll Free. For faster service, we need to book your work 6 weeks in advance.