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Airboat Rentals

Airboat Rentals

We can custom design the airboat you require for what you require: a boom, railings, heater, GPS, and other equipment.

Special rates for standby use.   Call us for a quote.  250-308-6917


CAL01BC Supercharged 556 HP LSA  19 x 8 C/W TP1332 flotation


CAL01BC – 19 x 8′

CAL02BC Supercharged 556 HP LSA  19 x 8 C/W TP1332 flotation


CAL02BC – 19 x 8′

CAL03BC Supercharged 556 HP LSA  17 x 8 C/W TP1332 flotation


CAL03BC – 17 x 8′

CAL04BC 425 HP 17 x 8 C/W TP1332 flotation


CAL04BC – 17 x 8′


CAL04BC – 17 x 8′

CAL06BC 425 HP 15 x 7 C/W TP1332 flotation


CAL06BC – 15 x 7′

CAL07BC Big Block 496 HP  20 x 8 C/W TP1332 flotation


CAL07BC – 20 x 8′

CAL08BC RamJet 502 HP   20 x 8 C/W TP1332 flotation


CAL08BC – 20 x 8′

All our airboats are built strong for all season use.

Rental Ice Airboats are made tough with:

* UHMW Polymer on running surface for very durable ice running.

* 40 US Gallon Fuel Tank,

* Perko 2 battery selector with lock out. 2 – 1000 cca batteries.

* Steel Prop Cage has extra front support for durability on ice.

Have a look at our exclusive Deluxe Instrumentation Panel. The console is set out  in front for easy viewing of all gauges, and is a wind break for the operator.

Advanced instrumentation has all circuits on separate breakers, fuel gauge, tach, oil pressure, water temp, volts, and 3 plugin receptacles and warning lights for oil and water and lighted rocker switches for all switching.

Airboats come complete with custom trailers. Call for our rates. FOB Vernon, BC, Canada
Be sure to put in your rental order early and reserve your Airboat while quantities last!


We rent airboats that cost a fraction of having a helicopter standby, yet provide all the support and in some ways more!