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An airboat ride is an exhilarating experience!  We have had riders who just wanted a bucket-list experience, a celebration reward for an accomplishment, a nature tour, a birthday gift, or any other reason for signing up.  Treat your Staff or friends to share the experience, GET OUT OF THE OFFICE or SHOP.   Do something unusual for a change.   Smell the fresh air and feel the wind. SEE – FEEL – TOUCH !!! No one has been disappointed. 556 HP  and 260 KPH Wind BONDING with your Lady friend or your Children. You will not Forget AIRBOATING. 

All airboat rides and tours are booked by appointment by calling 250-308-6917.

Point of assembly will be at 6944 Heron Road in Vernon B.C. at the arranged time.

A tour can be 1 persons or up to six persons depending on the carrying capacity of the available airboats on site possibly up to 8 Persons.  Valid cancellations must be re-booked as per CAL airboat availability. Airboat tours and rides are prepaid. Sorry, on the day of ride, the no-show persons receive no refund because we have prep work. PLS  Be sure to reschedule 

During the tour or ride, each rider is expected to behave as per what is deemed best for all on board, and must follow the instructions of the tour operator.  Canadian Airboats may cancel a tour where a safety issue exists as per people, parts, or bad weather. Any Load capacity is a Fair Weather compliance. The Operator can call it off if it is unsafe IE Wind,or storm!  
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Riders may increase the ride time if time permits as per same extended rate if all persons agree.
For off site tours, highway travel time is required to make the tour possible, including administrative & launch time.
A minimum 50% of tour cost must be prepaid at time of reservation, with the remainder to be paid prior to tour.

Local Vernon area Airboat Ride   Minimum Tour Cost is $240.00 However we will negotiate on slower times.

  • $240 for first two riders for 1 hour tour
  • $40 for each additional passenger
  • $40 fuel surcharge

Okanagan Region Tour

  • $600 to start for 1-2 riders Additional Fuel is Extra 
  • $200 for additional riders
  • 4 hours but may be extended ( Talk to the operator )

Custom Specialty Tour

  • $900 to start for 1-2 riders
  • $ for additional riders to be determined
  • 1 DAY – 8 a.m. Start

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