Canadian Airboats Ice Airboat by Canadian Airboats

Ice Airboats

Special Features for the Ice Boat package
ice airboats

  • An all Welded Aluminum Hull
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Bottom
  • Reinforced Trip Chines
  • UHMW Polymer on the Bottom
  • Reinforced Transom
  • Reinforced Bow Roll
  • Extra Gusseting

Call us about our Advanced Canadian Ice Hull

It has 1/4″ bottom with 3/16″ bow and extra reinforcing on a hull with high 31″ sides in addition to all the above! We include these features and build each Ice Boat as a custom package. This allows us to tailor each and every Ice Boat to the special needs of our customers for the conditions they are going to encounter and anticipate with ice running.

This Ice Airboat also has the added grassrake, ten inch rear side wall extensions, and a large aluminum storage box.