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Commercial Airboats

Custom Built Commercial Airboats

This is a Canadian Airboat 30′ x 16′ Split Hull Work Boat with Twin 502 Chevy
Big Blocks and 10 Blade Warp Drive Propellers. This Airboat will put out between
900 and 1000 Horse Power! Payload is 16,000 Pounds!

When you’re doing work on inland waterways or on rivers, swamps, bogs, tundra, snow and ice, or the oil fields these airboats will get you where you have to go with comfort and safety. They can haul people and equipment into places that swamp buggies, powerboats, helicopters and planes are just not suited for.

At top speeds or at a crawl, under trees or over obstacles conventional transportation is no match for an airboat. We have boats equipped with many options and power ranges.

These boats can range in size from 30′ x 16′ and can carry payloads of up to 16,000 lbs. Our Work Airboats are custom built for each application. Browse through our web site and see “How to choose an Airboat” We can build you an Airboat that is exactly as you want.
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