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Frequently Asked Questions
faq1What is the definition of an “Airboat?”

“Airboat” is not found referenced specifically as airboat. Neither is Webster defined in the Webster’s Dictionary. We like Webster but we need to define an airboat. Canadian Airboat Limited’s Official Definition of ” AIRBOAT “: ” Airboat ” – A self propelled vehicle that depends solely upon air thrust without air cushion to move in any direction across land, vegetation, water, ice and combinations of conditions associated with buoyancy. Typically greater than 12 feet long.

How fast do Airboats go?

Some Airboats can reach a speed of over 120 M.P.H. , Dry ground capabilities work in a range of 7:1 Power to weight ratio or less. For example; If your boat weighs 2100 lbs and is running 300 hp (provided you have good polymer on the bottom) you will probably be able to run on dry ground. Different terrain causes different friction which is the prime limiting external factor.

How will ice affect my airboat?

If you are on a frozen lake and the wind is blowing at 50 miles/hr to the south and you are running in a southerly direction with a ZZ4 at 5000 rpm pushing a 78 x 50 paddle prop you can expect to be traveling at approx. 130 miles per hour. Isn’t that great….? Spring ice is awesome Extreme Airboating! Hold it. . . . You may have to go back! …. Same boat, Same RPM, same everything except now you are heading strait into the 50 MPH wind.

What is your top speed?

Probably not more than 35 – 40 miles per hour.Watch your fuel, it works by the same ratio. If you plan long trips, always know the wind speed and direction and your half way point for fuel consumption. It is a fact that fuel consumption is more critical on rotton ice because if you run out or are running low and breaking ice you will also loose speed. When your tank is full of fuel, you are heavy and this will reduce your speed and reduce your best economy expectations.

Don’t get stranded!

Carry ice picks and a cell phone. If you are not in an area that has reception, let your friends know when to expect you back. If you don’t have a friend with an airboat or a hover craft , how about a Helicopter ? If you are a green horn at airboating, understand the versatility of your craft. Conventional craft will not be able to get to you. Think ahead. Are all airboats made with aircraft engines ? Not any more! It is estimated that 90% of airboats built before 1980 were built with aircraft engines. Now90% of airboats built since 1990 are built with automotive engines. Most airboats are built with small and big blockChevrolet due to the parts availability, performance, and reliability.

Perpetual Motion

Here is one to think about: This goes a bit past Fact but ….. The latest theory of perpetual motion has been researched and finally breaking news release through airboat and hovercraft technology (Mostly hovercraft ) …have discovered the conceptual Hover engine what is called the PMCPU ( Perpetual Motion Cat Power Unit ) Drop Start. It is simple. . Parameters of continuous laws working with Dr.Murphie indicate that, A piece of buttered toast when dropped always lands buttered side down. A house cat when dropped always lands feet down. So. . . if the scientists securely fasten a prop to the rear end of a common house cat (using csa approved cat / prop fasteners) and securely attached a piece of toast(buttered side up ) to the back ( Spine area) of the cat, (mechanical lingo: 181 degrees advanced of the paws or 179 degrees if right hand rotation required for prop rotation ). If the cat was then turned upside down and dropped onto the holding shroud of the hovercraft with an initial slight rotation, Here are the projected results as forecasted by Dr Murphie’s team: This thing should hover at high speed displacing thousands of cubic feet of air / second and dial in a low lapse time of 5 seconds on the quarter mile! Look out John Force. Next will be the testing on how to stop rotation before the fur flies off. Install a Glovener. Who built the first airboat?The first Airboat that was ever built, was built in Canada. Dr. Alexander Graham Bell with the help of his engineers, built an airboat, and called it the Ugly Duckling. This first airboat was used to test various test Engines and props in the Province of Nova Scotia. Beinn Breagh was the town and 1905 was the year. Sir Alexander Graham Bell was the Earliest Inventor of the airboat, Bell also invented the phone. Was he was on the right track or what? Can any body from Beinn Breagh, Nova Scotia send more detail on this?

faq2Where can an airboat be used?

An airboat can run on summer, fall, winter and spring conditions which may include: Ice, snow, water, tall grass, wet land, marsh, tundra, dry ground, log jams, dirt roads, grasslands, through river rapids, ice jams, climb up dikes , beaver dams, over and under bridges, over dense brush, even through Grannies hedge . .. Opps! Airboats are being used from the Arctic Ice fields to the Amazon Jungles. Let Canadian Airboats get you there and back!

Questions most often asked

Now what are the facts here ? Does an airboat run on dry ground ? Yes and no. Can an airboat run on 3- 4 foot waves ? Yes and no. Does mud stop airboats and can they get stuck ? Yes and no. Will an airboat fly through and over log jams ? Yes and no. Can an airboat run in extremely hot or cold weather ? Yes and no. Can an airboat climb up on it’s trailer on dry ground ? Yes and no. Is an airboat capable of climbing a bank at 45 degrees out of water ? Yes and no. Can a person run an airboat up river rapids and over rocks ? Yes and no. Can airboats carry 10 passengers ? Yes and no. I know most serious airboaters are thinking” It all depends here. . .” Yes, if certain conditions are true and no if other conditions are true. It is a fact that not all airboats can run through these conditions. Order a Canadian Airboat and target the yes answer. We can’t speak for the others, but we can say that a client ordering an airboat must consider the terrain that they intend to run on. It is a good thing to be clear on the dynamics of Choosing an Airboat and our Information Package which will help you design your own airboat. See also our Photo Album for Canadian Airboat ideas.You can normally modify your airboat to be specially adapted to your needs.