Canadian Airboats Wind machines have many industrial uses.

Wind Machine Applications

How Can You Use A Canadian Airboats Wind Machine?

Engineering Firms

  • Test window seal integrity and mounting systems on facades to do reports for contractors and purchasers of the window systems  
  • Test cell phone network cabinet ventilation system to prove hurricane moisture will not interrupt the cell network during a hurricane when the land lines are all down.
  • Fabric dealers and users require testing of their tents and awnings and awning systems to prove their fastening methods and structures as well, as the fabric itself, has integrity.  
  • Tent manufactures need to test erected tents to prove their rating for wind load and the fabrics used in their design construction
  • Test roofing products such as shingles, shakes, tile, asphalt and ceramic plates as well as installation methods are required to be proven and rated under controlled  wind and laminar air flow


  • Controlled slash burning. A wind machine can be used to expedite the slash burns and forestry clean up
  • For the Ministry of the Environment and for private contractors to come in and wrap up the clean up of the nasty debris using wind to raise the core temperature of the slash piles, one after another


  • Oil spill containment can use wind machines to blow surface oil into the river boom on oil spills on rivers and lakes to control and enhance the removal of oil as it surfaces

Fire Departments

  • Controlled positive airflow for fire suppression and high volume ventilation to chase the smoke and oxygen low air into the flame to extinguish the fire while at same time allow fire crews to enter in clear visibility air as they move onto the scene of a fire inside a large building

Stadium Ventilation

  • Smoke filled events can use high volume air to ventilate large events  especially when the air is still and full of dust or smoke  and nauseous fumes.

Movie Industry  

  • There has been a growing use for these wind machines on movie sets to get airborne debris effect, smoke, fire or the illusions of flight and aircraft scenes on set

Effects Studios

  • As in the movie industry, including adding a water manifold to make it rain over a large area
  • Simulation of rain, smoke, snow,  and many other enhancements are covered with the wind velocity produced by our wind machine units that  are small, portable and very powerful

Lot Management

  • Landscapers, snow removal teams and parking lot maintenance  can  utilize a wind machine all year around

Concrete Setting  

  • Usually the Wind Machine will pay itself off in one season if on rental where there is no moving air and the concrete needs to be hydrated in large pours.  The wind machine can speed up the cure and change the moisture levels as a huge asset to save finishing time and make a better job

Farm And Orchard Applications  

  • Every year millions of dollars in tree fruits are destroyed by rain. Wind Machines are used to blow the rain off the fruit before the sun gets hot and the fruit splits
  • Wind machines are less costly than helicopters to fan orchards and just as effective! Many orchards are blown off with helicopters hovering over the rows of cherry trees each year but our wind machines are making inroads here


  • Mines and cement plants use them for conveyor dust control and a variety of other uses

Ski Hills

  • Water Manifolds can be attached to the wind side discharge to make snow in the sub zero winter time to enhance certain areas of a ski hill